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The Tom Nicoli "Not Another Diet" Weight Loss Program

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The "Not Another Diet" Program

Includes all 6 CDs shown.
Healthy Habits for Weight Loss
End Emotional Eating
Stop Night Time Snacking
Reduce Sugar-Sweets
Exercise Boost
Ocean Sounds Relaxation
Not Another Diet Program

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Who Is Tom Nicoli?

Thinking ThinPublished Author
of "Thinking Thin, The Truth About Weight Loss"

Available at Amazon.com and selected book stores.

Shape MagazineShape Magazine reviewed six different approaches to weight loss and gave mine the top "5 Star" rating.

Dateline NBCDateline NBC
I appeared 3 times on the Dateline NBC Ultimate Diet Challenge where my subject, a pastry chef named Marc, lost almost 40 pounds with my direction.

All you have to do is sit comfortably undisturbed for only 25 minutes a day with a pair of headphones on and drift off to a deep relaxation and do nothing. That's it! Let your subconscious do all the work and you'll see how remarkably your behavior towards food and dieting changes automatically. And you'll accomplish this all without self-help meetings to attend or taking pills or trying that new "fad" diet.

Do Tom Nicoli programs really work? Ask Erika!

I KNOW for a fact that your technique works and I am so grateful for you, your gift and the fact that you're sharing it with the world. I listen to one or two of your CDs everyday and I've seen the results. I know your CDs have helped me so much and have helped me achieve much more in my career and in life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Erika Martin - Actress - TV News Meteorologist WTNH CT www.erikamartin.com

This is not a diet plan.

By now you probably tried all sorts of diets and found that it's impossible to stick to any diet for an extended period of time. As soon as you stop dieting; you just gain the weight back. And most people end up heavier than when they first started dieting. Does this sound familiar? There's a better way!

So, How Can I Help You?

This is a behavior modification audio program; sometimes called hypnosis, but it goes way beyond the typical hypnosis CD. I will speak directly to your subconscious mind to help create healthy behaviors and positive thinking. Because you are in such a relaxed state during this time, you become more receptive to the positive suggestions for healthy change such as:

  • Stop eating when full
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Eliminating unhealthy foods
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Feel better about yourself

There is no need to diet during this time. I will help you change your attitude about food. You will not need to diet because your unhealthy behaviors will diminish.

Look What's Included...

The Original Weight Loss CD Set A $36 Value

The only Weight Loss CDs to receive 5 Stars
SHAPE Magazine Award
in SHAPE Magazine!
CD 1: Healthy Habits for Weight Loss
CD 2: End Emotional Eating

This is the same CD set that my clients receive when they visit my office along with the exact same techniques that I used to help Marc lose 40 pounds on Dateline NBC.

Reduce Sugar & Sweets CD A $19.95 Value

Research and studies have proven sugar can weaken the immune system, contribute to the aging process, raise stress levels, contribute to Type II diabetes, and create more fat in your body (sugar is a carbohydrate). Sugar and sweets are fine in small infrequent doses, but that's not the case. Reduce sugars and sweets now to be healthier and happier.

Stop Night Time Snacking CD A $19.95 Value

One of the most common issues all my clients have about their unhealthy eating patterns is night time snacking. It may be boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness or any of the emotions that direct us to eat when we're not hungry. Sound familiar? If you aren't hungry, emotion is the only motivator to eat. If you have a problem with late night snacking, my Stop Late Night Snacking CD is for you.

Exercise & Activity Boost! CD: A $19.95 Value

The simple truth is that every weight loss program works better if you exercise. But, you might not be motivated to exercise daily, right? Listen to my Exercise Boost CD and you'll want to get out there and burn the calories away.

Ocean Sounds CD: A $19.95 Value!

Sometimes you just need to relax! Play this CD anytime and imagine you are on a tropical sandy beach, the sun gently beating down on you with the sounds of the waves gently lapping at the shore...

The "Not Another Diet" Program

Includes all 6 CDs shown.
Healthy Habits for Weight Loss
End Emotional Eating
Stop Night Time Snacking
Reduce Sugar-Sweets
Exercise Boost
Ocean Sounds Relaxation
Not Another Diet Program

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Now Only $84 for CDs

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