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Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs

The Original Weight Loss CD Set

This is the Original 2 CD set that Marc used on the Dateline NBC Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, and the CD set that SHAPE Magazine rated "5 Stars". I took the suggestions he had on the cassette tape he used and created an improved version on high quality CDs.

Carb Control CD Set

Carbs defeat any weight loss program. The Carb Control 2 CD set is for help with low carb diets. Reduce and control your carb intake for weight loss and improved health.

No Carb/Low Carb Ultimate Weight Loss System

If sweets and sugar are not your problem and late night snacking is under control, like most of us, you just like to eat "good food." Problem is, too much "good food" consists of bad carbohydrates and is killing us. My Ultimate Weight Loss System is just the thing for you!

The "Not Another Diet" Program & "Not Another Diet Lite" Program

Tired of one diet program after another? Stop the madness!! You don't need another diet plan, you need to change the way you approach the concept of losing weight.

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Why Should You Trust
Tom Nicoli?

1. Shape Magazine
Harvard Professor Jean Fain says "Tom Nicoli has created a dramatic, affordable and effective program..."
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2. Dateline NBC
Don't be fooled!!! I am the hypnotist that appeared on Dateline.

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3. WHDH in Boston...
Chanel 7, WHDH in Boston, followed two sisters that came to me for help with their life long weight loss goals. This short video is what they found… Please take a look.
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4. It really works!
According to Karen Olness, Professor at Case Western School of Medicine, "hypnosis works by harnessing your imagination."
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5. 90 Day Guarantee!
All my audio CDs and downloads come with a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
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6. See what others say!
Over the years, people have emailed me with their success stories. See what some of them say along with a list of the over 40 countries where I have satisfied customers!
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How Hypnosis Works...
Not sure it will work for you? Do you ever daydream? I'm just suggesting what you should daydream about!
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