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Subliminal Suggestions for Positive Reinforcement

A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below (sub) the normal limits of perception (conscious). The human mind can pick out and learn from information that is not consciously observed. Daily we have experiences when we hear, see and feel information without any conscious awareness or involvement. Remember playing a game or watching a television show and you somehow just seemed to know the answer but never remembered learning that information?

It has often been argued that subliminal suggestions are potentially more powerful than ordinary suggestions. For example in 1957, a Ft. Lee, NJ drive-in theater flashed the words DRINK COLA COLA and EAT POPCORN for 1/3000th of a second every 5 seconds over Kim Novak's sensuous face and throughout the movie during a 6-week run of the film Picnic. The subliminal message was the brainchild of NY market researcher, James Vicary, who boasted that Coke sales in the lobby increased 58% and that popcorn sales rose 18%.

Subliminal Suggestions for Positive Reinforcement $14.00

The Subliminal Suggestions CD is available separately for Weight Loss, Confidence Builder, Goal Achiever and Smoking Cessation, or included in several of our packages. Click on link below to purchase it alone. Hit your "back" button to return to the package you were viewing.

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When deciding on using subliminal reinforcement having so many systems and companies to choose from, who do you trust? You trust someone who is:
  1. A leader in the field of hypnosis. Tom Nicoli is a trainer and adjunct faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and was the recipient of the NGH's Charles Tebbetts Award for his outstanding achievements in 2003. Harvard University said, "He is an expert in his field."
  2. Someone with national recognition Dateline NBC showed the nation the proven results of Tom Nicoli's techniques during the Dateline Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge [Dateline NBC Story].
  3. A person with diverse abilities Speaker and trainer, published author, live demonstrations in stage performances and workshops and years of work with individual clients. Tom Nicoli covers it all.
  4. Someone with a proven track record. His audio systems have sold in 16 countries with repeat customers whom have written very supportive testimonials of his products and talents. [Read Testimonials]

The interest of subliminal perception was reflected in some of the earliest psychological studies conducted during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In these early studies, people were simply asked whether or not they were aware of perceiving what they were shown or told. For example, letters, digits, or geometric figures were presented at such a distance from observers that they claimed either not to see anything at all or to see nothing more than blurred dots. Likewise, names of letters were whispered so faintly that observers claimed that they were unable to hear any sound whatsoever. To test whether these visual or auditory stimuli may have been perceived despite the belief from the test participants that there was no conscious perception, the observers were asked to make guesses regarding the stimuli. The consistent result found in these early studies was that the observers' guesses regarding the stimuli were more correct than would be expected on the basis of chance guessing.

In our Subconscious Solutions Positive Reinforcement audio systems, there are positive suggestions just below the level of conscious perception and understanding in order to allow the subconscious mind to be reinforced at anytime while playing our audio system in the background. Consistency, repetition is how we learn. By receiving these positive reinforcement suggestions for positive behavior changes consistently, you will achieve your goals quicker and easier.

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