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Best Self Hypnosis

I'm asked often what is the best self hypnosis technique, book or audio program. It's a difficult question to answer because what is really the best for all people? What works best for you may not work best for someone else or the next person. There is surely a difference between well made audio programs, well written books or effective techniques but I don't know about the best self hypnosis material or product.

Imagine the thousands of people who have used my hypnosis audio programs and tell their friend, "I just found the best self hypnosis CDs" and their friend tells them, "No, I just found the best." So they decide to switch and test each other's "best" and find they didn't like it as much as what they originally used. Both are good but really, what determines the best self hypnosis anything? Perception is what determines what is best for anyone. What you perceive is what creates your convicted belief and reality. We will argue and some people even fight based on their perception of what something is when it's neither, it's just what they perceive it to be. Is one actor really the absolute best or one song or one style of music or one painting, etc., etc., etc.? No, there are so many top quality materials, performances, actors, musicians and more so there cannot really be one best self hypnosis program, technique or book. You have to decide what the best is for you. But there are some points to consider as when choosing anything.

Whenever we search for the best of something we need to obviously look for quality. There needs to be quality in the material or product, the person and their skills. My programs are considered the best self hypnosis programs by many people because I follow this one guideline, to provide quality in the content, recording, written word or techniques I use. If I didn't there would be no chance that most people would consider it to be the best self hypnosis program because it would be less effective. And all people really want are results, which brings me to another point. As long as people get results they will think what they are using is among the best. That's all that matters. If all the parts are top quality and there are no results it really doesn't matter, even when determining what might be the best self hypnosis program. I remember a client telling me how she loved a restaurant she went to and I asked her, "How good was it." She paused and said, "Well, they gave you a lot of food." I asked again, "But how good was it." And again she replied, "They gave you a lot." You see, her perception was the taste wasn't as important as how much food she got. You and I may not think that to be one of the better restaurants but she did. So, when deciding what the best self hypnosis program is, stick to what works for you. And when you do need a little help self hypnosis is the way to kick start any positive change. You will find it to be the best way to create personal change. Wait a minute, did I say "the best" way?

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